Jiu Jitsu Progear Rip-Stop Gi Review

The JiuJitsu Pro Gear (JJPG) Rip-Stop Light gi is my all-time favorite gi.  When my black JJPG gi arrived, I immediately knew that this gi was “The One”; it was love at first sight and that love has endured the test of time.  This review will be for both the navy and black versions.  I initially bought the navy but loved it so much I bought the black as well.  Many of my training partners at Titans MMA in Halifax, NS also train in JJPG gis, some of whom also have more than one version.


The jacket features:

·         Lightweight Rip-Stop Weave fabric
·         100% cotton
·         One piece jacket
·         Heat-resistant rip-stop lapel
·         Exclusive Jiu Jitsu Pro Gear cut including extra room in the shoulders, underarms and back
·         Reinforced stress points under the arm and at the skirt splits
·         Tailored cuffs reinforced with minimal cotton taping and 2 rows of stitching
·         Subtle shoulder and lapel patches

The pants feature:

·         Lightweight Rip-Stop Weave fabric
·         Rip-Stop drawstring and 4 drawstring loops
·         Extra room in pants for comfort mobility
·         Reinforcement at the seam split at the waist
·         Double-layer reinforcements in the knee area with cross stitching.
·         Tailored cuffs reinforced with rows of stitching
·         Subtle patches along both hips and on the front

Fit and Comfort
The JJPG Rip-Stop Light gi in size A0 is an incredibly lightweight gi at approximately 2.6 lbs, according to the JJPG website.  This size is recommended for people 5’0 to 5’4 weighing from 100 to 130 lbs.

My measurements are (in inches):

Thigh circumference
Calf circumference
Hip to ankle
Bicep circumference
Forearm circumference
Shoulder to wrist 
Arms front wrist-to-wrist
Arms side to side wrist-to-wrist
After frequent hot washes and drying in the dryer, the gi measurements are (in inches):
Gi Size
Sleeve Length
Jacket Height
Jacket Width
Jacket Overlap
Wrist Cuff
Pant Waist
Pant Length
Ankle Cuff
Crotch Depth
Crotch Width
Gusset width
I’ve used the Fushida Sports Corp measuring guide model for these measurements.  Check out the video below to see how it fits.

I’ve had approximately 15 gis since I began BJJ and the JJPG jacket is by far the most comfortable I’ve ever rolled in.  The fact that I’m unaware of it while I roll is what makes it stand out for me.  Whether the sleeves or the skirt was too long or short or the jacket was too roomy, most of my other gis weren’t optimal in comfort.  

If the sleeves of the JJPG jacket were made about an inch longer they would be perfect after shrinkage.  As it is, I don’t find them to be too short for training; my only concern is whether they would pass for legal at a tournament.  

The lapel is of average thickness, less so than Fushida but comparable to Tatami, and has remained flexible over time.  There has been no warping due to the heat I’ve used in washing and drying.

The pants also fit very well but as class progresses and they get sweaty, they become stiffer than other rip-stop gi pants I’ve worn and slightly uncomfortable.

Style and Quality
I bought the JJPG Rip-Stop Light gi after seeing a teammate wearing one in class.  The color scheme of the patches is very fresh and vibrant and contrasts well against all of the available colors.  In total, there are 6 patches on the outside of the gi; they are small and placed in areas that do not beg for attention.  It is definitely not a blinged-out gi.
Reinforcements are added to all of the typical gi stress points but they are not as extravagant as many gis.  At the knees there is just one additional layer of rip-stop fabric with an X sewn across it and the cotton taping at the sleeve cuffs is minimal.  I find that very thick cotton taping can help opponents get a good grip on my sleeves so the thinner tape may be beneficial.  The reinforcements at the hips, jacket seam splits and arm pits are standard. 
Overall, I’ve found both gis to be very sturdy after rolling in them for over a year and washing and drying them frequently. My gi does not have any rips or loose threads but one of my teammates’ pants tore about six months after he bought them.  He contacted JJPG and they sent him a replacement.
This gi is very reasonably priced at $129.99 USD for the colored gis and $119.99 USD for the white. 
Customer Service
Anytime I’ve contacted JJPG, I have had a quick response and my concerns were addressed.  When I bought the black gi, the mailman did not bring the gi to my door when it got to my city; instead he sent it back to the US claiming it was undeliverable.  I contacted JJPG as soon as I saw the status update on my shipment and rather than waiting until they received the returned package, they immediately sent me another gi. 
If all I had was a closet full of Jiu Jitsu Pro Gear gis, I would be content.  Be sure to check them out the next time you’re looking for a new gi!



Responses to “Jiu Jitsu Progear Rip-Stop Gi Review”

  1. Can Sönmez

    If there weren't so many patches for me to remove (and damage the gi, given that's it's a lot thinner than normal), I'd be tempted. IIRC, the Grab & Pull ripstop here in the UK is basically the same gi, but has massive patches on the shoulders and trousers. Hence why I got a Gorilla ripstop instead, as that's already plain.

  2. Sally Arsenault

    I've seen the Gorilla ripstop. They seem lighter than the JJPG. I really like them.

  3. Can Sönmez

    The Gorilla is the lightest gi I own by far: I bought one for use as a travelling gi a while back. As far as I'm aware, the only gi that compares on that score is the Kauai, which again is way too flashy for my tastes.

  4. Sally Arsenault

    I'd like to get one, I just don't think they make them small enough to fit me.

  5. Mark Tery

    Others may choose the lighter Bjj Gi simply because it is more comfortable for them. For one reason or another, the preference right now seems to be on the light weight buy jiu jitsu gi.

  6. The_Gwiggun

    I bought the JJPG gis as my first gis a week into my BJJ career ( about 5 months ago ). I think I have a ripstop fetish by the way. I totally agree with Sally's review regarding comfort, coolness and the one negative being the useless drawstring on the pants. I live in Florida so the lightweight material is really useful.

    Sizes are a little weird. I am about 5'9″ and would be about 170lbs if it weren't for a little fat. Point would be that I am a medium build. The A2s I bought have never been washed warm and have never been machine dryed. Shrinkage has still occurred and they are now just on the limit of fit while still being comfortable and not looking like my little brother's gi. My point would be to get the A3 if you are over 5' 9″ or on the muscular side.

    I bought the white and royal blue gis and I wanted to go back and buy a navy or black but they are out of stock. I realized that given the black floor at my gym I was better off with non-white gis that I can wash together. Really frustrating these stock issues, especially as my other choice would be a Padilla & Sons and they have no stock either.

  7. The_Gwiggun

    Back again. Just bought a black A2 to go with the white and blue ones I already own. They had been out of stock for a few weeks. I also ordered 1/4″ bungee cord on Ebay to use as a drawstring replacement ( 100 feet for $20 ). I was umming and aahing about trying another brand or style but at the end of the day I really feel comfortable in this gi. The fact that it is so light and cool allows me to wear a rashguard underneath without overheating.

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