Tatami Zero G v2 Gi Review


Like a G

The Tatami Zero G v2 is a very fresh looking, lightweight gi designed especially for women and it sells for $119.99 at Martial Arts Supplies.com and KarateDepot.com.  Gis of this weight are often considered to be a great summer gi but I prefer light gis year round; I recommend it for any time you think you might sweat in class.  Or any time you want to look like a G.  It even comes with a G bag.

Awww yeah…

The jacket features:

  • 475 gram pearl weave, one-piece jacket (no back seam)
  • Rubberized collar
  • Reinforced stress points  under the arm and at the skirt splits.
  • Tapered fit through the shoulders
  • Tailored cuffs reinforced with cotton taping 
  • Embroidered logos, shoulder and shirt patches
The pants feature:
  • 8 oz cotton twill with a soft, comfortable finish
  • Tailored fit for the female athlete
  • Uneven waist; higher in the back than the front.  May prevent whale tail.
  • Reinforced gusset and knees
  • Tailored cuffs reinforced with cotton taping
  • Embroidered logo and small Tatami patch 
  • Patches along both hips
  • 2 drawstring loops
  • The best drawstring in existence
Also includes a Tatami gi patch and the water-resistant ZeroG bag.  I am in love with this gi bag.  I’m going to use it until it completely deteriorates.
The measurements of the gi (pre-wash) in inches are:
Gi Size F2
Sleeve Length 57
Jacket Height 28
Jacket Width 19.5
Jacket Overlap 12.5
Wrist Cuff 5
Armpit 9
Pant Waist 18
Pant Length 34
Ankle Cuff 8.5
Crotch Depth 8.5
Crotch Width 9.5
Gusset width 12.5

My measurements are:
Height 5’0
Weight 105
Chest 33
Waist 28
Hips 33
Thigh circumference 17.5
Calf circumference 12.5
Inseam 26
Hip to ankle 31
Bicep circumference 10
Forearm circumference 8.5
Shoulder to wrist  19
Arms front wrist-to-wrist 57
Arms side to side wrist-to-wrist 49


I’ve used the Fushida Sports Corp measuring guide model for these measurements.

Please see the video below for a complete, pre-wash review.  I will be following up with an additional review once I have been able to roll in the gi and measure any shrinkage. The rash guard and vale tudo shorts I am wearing in the review are also Tatami gear; the shorts are the most comfortable shorts I’ve ever trained in: no joke both of these are on sale right now (May 16, 2012) at Tatami Fightwear.com for $7.   Review coming soon!  Following the video is a series of photos of the gi’s features.  

Final review

I’ve rolled in the Tatami Zero G v2 for a few months now. The construction is very sturdy and has survived frequent washing.  All seams and stitching have remained in tact.  

I like that the gi is so lightweight and slim fitting overall, but in my opinion, the pants are a bit too light to be comfortable.  When the pants got wet during intense training, the material felt like a heavy t-shirt sticking to my legs.  Also, the two-belt loop system was not effective and the drawstring found a home above the waist of the pants.  The high back of the pants could contribute to this issue.

I love everything about the jacket except for its length.  It would be perfect for someone taller but on me, it’s too long and the lapel turns up a little at the bottom.  I found the jacket cumbersome at the tops of my legs when the jacket was secured with my belt. 

In a perfect world, the gi pants would be made of 10oz twill rather than 8 (or of the same rip stop Killer Bee Kimonos uses) and the jacket would be 2-3 inches shorter.  

I still love that gi bag but I’ve used it so much, it’s starting to fray at the seams inside.  

I’m so happy that Tatami offers a women’s line and I look forward to their future projects.  

Check out MMAHQ.comBJJHQ.com and MuscleHQ.com and sign up for daily deals on all of your training needs!  Shipping to Canada was super quick: only 6 business days! Thanks again for having me review the Tatami ZeroG v2!

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Jacket front

Jacket back

Skirt Reinforcement


Armpit reinforcement


Collar embroidery
Sleeve cuff


Shoulder patch
Skirt patch


Pants front



Pants back


Gusset and pant leg embroidery


Pant leg patch.  Whale tail prevention.



Pant cuff


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